Thank you for joining us for the 58th Annual Desert Safari!
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58th Annual Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari & Expo

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February 28, 2020 – March 1, 2020

The members and families of Tierra Del Sol would like to invite you to our 58th TDS Desert Safari on February 28 – March 1, 2020. Come out and experience the magic and splendor of southern California’s finest wheeling. This year will be another epic event with fantastic vendors onsite and the best raffle on the planet (over $150k in prizes)…Yes, we are going to do it again!

TDS holds one of the largest weekend events and the proceeds assist us in fighting to keep Public Lands open.

We are very excited to announce a new location for the event this year!

New location is just a couple of miles down the street from the 4x4 Training Area where the event has been held in years past.


Salton City Park
2208 Iridescent Ave.
Thermal, CA. 92274

The new location is right across from the AM/PM on Highway 86 at the Salton City Park, a huge 10-acre area.

This is in a 10-acre fenced-in park, this new area is larger and we plan to have an even bigger EXPO Vendor show, Demos, Kids Activities, Great food trucks and more!!

Directions to Safari HQ


This new area is larger and we plan to have an even bigger EXPO Vendor show, Demos, Kids Activities, Great food trucks and more!!

EVERYONE will need a wristband to access the event this year

(kids 12 and under are free- must be accompanied by adult)

Check out registration and admission costs below

What it costsWhat you get
(ends 1 week prior to event)

On-Site Registration

  • Up to 4 wristbands for onsite admission for EXPO
    • EVERYONE will need a wristband to access the event this year
    • Kids 12 and under are free - must be accompanied by adult
  • 1 raffle ticket for the main raffle
  • 1 vendor punch card* - collect punches for the opportunity to get an additional raffle ticket
  • 1 Dash Plaque
  • 1 Bumper Sticker
  • Option of Trail - See more details

Individual event access
per person

For individual EXPO entrance (on-site only)
$45 per person

*Does not include event registration
*Extremely limited number available

Generously sponsored by Off-Road Warehouse
  • Limited snacks and beverages
  • 1 meal on Saturday
  • Premiere Raffle Seating:
    • Inside the VIP tent
    • or in front of the stage
  • Near front of line trail privilege for Ocotillo Wells State Park Trail

Hours of EXPO 

Thursday 2/275 pm – 9 pm
5 pm – 9 pm
Limited Vendors
Registration / Bucket Raffle Sales
Friday 2/289 am – 10 pm
9 am – 10 pm

Full Vendor Expo
Registration / Bucket Raffle Sales
Saturday 2/29 7 am - 8 am start times
9 am - 9 pm

6:30 am - 6:45 pm
9 am - 6:45 pm
7 pm - 9 pm
Trail Rides
Full Vendor Expo
*See activities on site
Bucket Raffle Sales
Raffle starts promptly at 7 PM
Sunday 3/1

7 am - 10:30 am
8 am - 10:30 am
9 am – noon
9 am – noon

Breakfast - Hosted by West Shores Seniors Club
Apparel Booth Open
Limited Vendors - Some vendors leave after raffle on Saturday
Clean-Up in State Parks - By meet by 4x4 Training Area


Raffle Starts promptly Saturday at 7pm!

History of Tierra Del Sol and Desert Safari

1918 – With the end of World War I came the rapid popularity of automobiles. People started coming to the desert and the creation of the The Ensign Ranch and The Di Georgio Corporation started a new era in the region.

1928 – Already citizens were beginning to grow concerned about preserving the desert and Guy Fleming, a Fellow of the San Diego Natural History Museum, started promoting the adoption of Borrego as a State Park.

1941 – Finally the dream was realized and the Anza Borrego Park System was established, but that also brought developers with visions of a desert resort and that required roads. Those early rough trails were Coyote Canyon, Yaqui Pass and the Truckhaven Trail, which at that time was a 30 mile rough road passing over hills, washes and mesas taking 3-4 hours to traverse. It was Doc Beatty who first conceived the the idea of a wagon trail along the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains south to the Badlands and old Hwy 99, emerging near the truck spot known as Truckhaven.

1949 – The first Anza Jeep Cavalcade formed for the purpose of promoting the concept of a 17-mile road into Borrego, Montezuma Valley and onto Warner Springs was approved by the State Park Commission.

1957 -The State Committee consented to the construction of a paved road, which followed the general direction of the old dirt Truckhaven trail wherever possible. It was named the Borrego-Salton Seaway or more commonly known as the S22. It was completed in 1968 and leads so many of us to the Desert Safari each year.

1960’s – A  Search and Rescue team of local men with CB radios explored the area and ultimately became intimately familiar with the entire area, breaking new trails and figuring out how to traverse the notches, hills and valleys thru their rescue work. Several members started focusing on adventure and exploration and two of these early pioneers, Roy Pruitt and Bozzy Willis.  Bozzy Willis ultimately formed the nucleus of the club they named Tierra Del Sol and created the artwork that is still seen today on all the members vehicles. The club was incorporated as a not-for-profit club in 1962 and the annual Desert Safari was born. Proudly the rosters of TDS still contain family names from the origins with generations following in their forefathers footsteps aspiring to protect these lands for our continued use. Albeit a never-ending battle, the families and members of Tierra Del Sol continue to enjoy the area and work hard to preserve it for the enjoyment of future generations.

2nd Annual Desert Safari Flyer