Not like every other virtual event out there!

Join us for the 59th annual

TDS Desert Safari

We have a lot of fun in store for 2021!!

Wheeling is an amazing hobby we have all come to love. If you have been with us for
nearly 60 years or if this is your first encounter with our group, welcome!

There will be activities spanning a 2-3 month timeframe
and culminating in an
online or Facebook live event on
Saturday – March, 6th 2021

Coming Soon!

Here’s how to play!

We are working on a points system to allow
you enter our famous opportunity drawing!

1. Check out our merchandise site! Each item will earn you entries into the drawing!
2. Support our vendors
We are planning a “scavenger hunt” for certain things on our vendors’ websites
or social media. More details to follow.
3. And the real reason we are all here >> WHEELING!
We know this year is different, but we want you to try and find time to get outside
on the trails.
We will release more detail soon, but it will involve taking a picture with your rig in
your favorite off road setting and emailing it to us using a special upload link
which we will provide un due course.
*Remember to be safe and always drive responsibly while off road. Never go out alone!

Currently with things being uncertain we are not planning on having in

person trails or in person event. As we get closer to March 6, 2021, that

might adjust. Keep up with us on social media and stay connected with

us on our email list to get updates on the event.

We all know things are different this year. We want to thank you for your

continuing support as we work to navigate these different times.