Vendor Information

Ad Type – Platinum and Diamond Plate Sponsors: Platinum Bucket and Diamond Plate Sponsors should provide full color artwork and color logos.

Ad Type – Nickel Plate, Chrome Plate, Powder Coat and Sheet Metal Sponsors: All other sponsorship level ads will be printed in black and white only (all black must be 100% black).

File Format: Digital files are preferred. Preferred file format is PDF with all images 300 dpi or higher and all fonts embedded. JPG files (minimum 300 dpi at 100%) are also accepted. Please mail large files larger than 50MB on a disk or contact Webmaster for alternative upload information.

Deadline: Print ready art is due by February 12, 2020. Any art received after that date may not be included in the program or may be inserted at a different size than specified by your sponsor level. If an old art is on file we may use that to make sure you’re in.

Ad Sizes: All measurements are in inches. Please use stated width and height so we have the correct orientation for your artwork.

Sponsorship LevelSizeWidthHeight
Platinum Bucket RaffleFull Page Color (no bleed)9.7511.35
Diamond PlateFull Page Color (no bleed)9.7511.35
Nickel Plate1/2 Page B&W9.755.56
Chrome1/3 Page B&W9.753.69
Powder Coat1/4 Page B&W4.765.56
Sheet Metal1/6 Page B&W4.763.69

Advertising “print ready” artwork MUST be in before February 12, 2020.

Advertising mailing & email address:
TDS c/o Daryl Kinney
726 D Street
Ramona, CA 92065
(760) 788-8148

Please CC all art to:
Wayne Miller